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Should there be an enforced ban on BBQs in the park?

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September 2012 Newsletter

AGM – We are holding our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 26th of September at 8pm. We really need more people to get involved with our park. Come to the meeting with your suggestions. Funding Owed To Us - The funding we gained from the GLA early in the year for the Fruit Trees and Wildflower seeds were never completely paid for to us. We were offered £1000 grant but only given £800. After chasing them for the balance and complaining strongly, they have at last informed us that the other £200 would be paid.

New Toilets in the Park - There are discussions going on at the moment in the council about new toilets to be built at the Broadway Market end of the park. This is long overdue and should have been done with the reopening of the market and the Olympic sized Lido a few years back. With the increasing popularity of our park this is quite urgent. In my opinion the new toilets should be in full view from the market end and not hidden around a corner in the shrubbery. The little used, arrow shaped section between the two paths leading to the market is ideal. They could also lay new land drains to eliminate the floods we get there when there is heavy rain. This would be in a straight line from the Broadway Market entrance. It would also be in a straight line for the sewage pipes to be laid, more or less, straight to where the original toilets were on the island, where the bus stop is, outside the Cat & Mutton. We are concerned that the council may take a short term view and try to build it on the cheap. There has been talk about mixed toilets or toilets opening straight onto the fields, this is something many people would object to, particularly with older women. And it would be asking for all sorts of security problems. There is also talk of no urinal in the gents, which will cause unnecessary delays and queues and longer occupancy in the gents toilets. With the vandalism that is “normal” on the fields they should also consider stainless steel facilities, stopping the frequent replacement that now apply. This is a necessary public facility in such a busy and popular area. The council can’t take a short term view and cut costs. Short termism always cost more in the long run.

July 2012 Newsletter

Minutes of LFUG meeting Wed 30th May at The Pub On The Park

Present: Mike M; Trevor D; Mila C; Joe D; Jeremy L; Louise T; Bruce Irving (Parks Development Officer).

Apologies: Mike D; Al H; Liv. T; Martin C; Theo T; Syd B; Will B; Michael C. 

Bruce Irving informed us how the council will send us a block of extra 14 temporary toilets for the summer, to be set up next to the existing ones and "they will be cleaned every day". They were set up on 31/05/12. This position was chosen for its electricity supply at the other toilets. The position by the old lodge was considered, but there is no longer an electricity supply. Bruce mentioned how the only other position in the park with an electric supply is near the new Multi Use Games Area. This could have been an alternative site. Already there have been complaints about their lack of cleaning the new toilets and tissue paper disappearing.


After discussing using the old park keeper's lodge as a community café at the last meeting, we found that within a few days the council had sent the demolition people (McGrath) in, completely dismantled the building and removed all signs of it. The site was later ploughed and flattened to return to grass and the front gate transferred to the park side. I was told that one of the biggest expenses was the removal of the few bits of asbestos in the building.

Since the meeting, Bruce Irving has written to inform LFUG that work shall be taking place over the next few days to remove the railings around the old lodge site at London Fields along with a small section of boundary wall. The boundary railings to the park will not be removed and railings will be erected in place of the section of boundary wall, which is due to be demolished. He has enclosed a couple of photos of the area for our reference. See attachment below.

The new people in the Hothouse, behind the children's playground, apparently are using the roof as a club with loud music and are selling alcohol there seven nights a week, in what appear to be unlicensed premises. I have had numerous complaints from local people, who are concerned about the noise late at night and they are worried of the danger for people drinking on the poorly protected roof.

We are having further problems with cyclists in the park. We have normally got on well with most cyclists as they realise that in parks pedestrians take precedence and they have to be careful of the elderly and young children playing there, especially when they are near the playgrounds. But there are always a few selfish individuals who think they are on a racetrack and every other user has to move out of their way. These are often the racers who take short cut off the paths and across the grass, wearing new dirt tracks into pristine grass.

The council will have to find a way to get rid of the raggle-taggled crowd of dodgy itinerant street traders, who persist in cluttering the park entrance by the Broadway, using it as part of the market where they don't pay rent. They spoil the park and would never be allowed in the market.

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